Chuck Waldron, author of a new conspiracy thriller, a creepy story about what happens when a city's security is outsourced. "Terror grips Toronto as the city is rocked with explosion and an army of thugs kick off a carefully orchestrated..." Ready for more? Look for the full version, coming in 2015


Chuck Waldron, author



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 I began writing Lionís Head Deception over four years ago. Looking at the storyline, the plot finally crystallized for me. The result is a new book that has been called a creepy thriller, a conspiracy page-turner, touching on the lack of privacy, excessive surveillance, and mysterious figures behind the scenes.

Now, the story is in the hands of my new publisher. Look for exciting news and a publication date.

My writing journey, like my life, has not been a journey traveling a straight line from beginning to the present. Zigzags, sometimes leading to dead ends, often provided some amazing detours, but it's not over yet.

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