Lion’s Head Deception, an intense and pulse-pounding thrill ride from page one… a fast-paced story with a multitude of twists and turns. But above all of that, there is amazing character development. Wait, I’m so excited I’m getting ahead of myself.

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In the United States our individual right to privacy is held to be sacrosanct, freedom from searches without a warrant and freedom from arrest without cause. Since the event of 9/11 there has been a sharp increase in the fear that our expectation of privacy has been eroded. That fear is both imagined and, judging by some of today’s news, real.

The theme of Lion’s Head Deception taps into our contemporary conversation as we try to balance our post 9/11 desire for safety with excessive surveillance and social regulation.

A whistle-blower sounds the alarm about a conspiracy to undermine the country by instigating widespread social unrest, causing a demand for safety at any price. When blogger, Matt Tremain, hears the story he asks himself a question. Will he have the courage to publish the truth about their deception?

When a shadowy group of men step forward to offer a solution and promising security, are people willing to pay the cost? Can the plot be stopped? That is the important question facing Matt and his friends.


Lion’s Head Deception

In hardcover, paperback and ebook formats.

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booksalive 2011Chuck Waldron,


With the release of his breakout novel, Lion’s Head Deception, Waldron’s writing journey is far from over. He’s already working on a sequel.

It’s a writing journey that began in the America’s Midwest, took a zigzag Canadian turn through Ontario, and ended on Florida’s Treasure Coast. Drawn to writing thrillers mixed with mystery and action, he offers character-driven stories spiced with plot twists.

His writing began with short stories, over 35 and counting. In fact, he turned his first short story into his first novel, Tears in the Dust. That was followed by Remington and the Mysterious Fedora and then Served Cold.

It is said he likes to pretend interest, often lacks perseverance, and could use a good talking to. That is, until it comes to writing. Then, it’s all about the stories.  He honed his story-telling craft in classes, workshops and conferences.

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    Chuck asked me how I became a character and a part of the Lion’s Head Deception story. It didn’t happen all at once. But the more I heard about what was happening to my city, about the malicious intent of the new program called CleanSweep, the more committed I was to playing a part in […] Source: Chuck Waldron Tags: Digg StumbleUpon Comments:   […]
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    Recently, I was interviewed for the blog, Between the Covers. I enjoy the challenge of answering questions about my writing, and this was no exception. Welcome to Between the Covers, Chuck. Why was writing Lion’s Head Deception so important to you? Privacy and freedom are two of the cornerstones of our democracy. Lion’s Head Deception […] Source: Chuck Waldr […]
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